12 February 2013

We return you now to your regularly-scheduled programming

If you know me at all, you will know that my Lents usually involve cutting down my internet usage to a bare minimum (which, due to work, is usually higher than I would like).  This year, I will still be doing some of that (no Facebook, etc.), but in its place, I will be trying something different: I will endeavor to post something in this blog every day.  I have come to the realization that I am good at giving things up for Lent, but not so great at undertaking new things (e.g., my attempt to read the entire Catechism last year failed miserably after about four days).

I am not under any illusions here -- I recognize that almost no one knows that this blog exists, and my intention is not to garner a larger audience for myself (though I certainly welcome civil discussion from anyone who happens to read these posts).  Instead, my goal is to force myself to do more spiritual reading and meditation and let this blog be a vehicle for further reflection.

As far as topics, I will see where my Lenten journey takes me.  In light of yesterday's bombshell, I do not anticipate being able to avoid some posts on current events.  Here are some other ideas I have:

  • A series of posts on the sacraments (right now, one post per sacrament for a week, but that could change).
  • In light of the Year of Faith in which we find ourselves, a series of posts on Vatican II as I attempt to make my way through the major documents produced by the Council Fathers.
  • Reflections on the mysteries of Holy Week (getting a little ahead of myself, but the one for Holy Saturday will be awesome).

I am also open to suggestions, of course.  With that, off we go!


Rosie said...

You mean you're not going to do the mom-blog thing and post about all the Lenten crafts we're doing with the kids? I'm disappointed in you :P

Melissa H-K said...

Before seeing Rosie's comment, I already had this thought—why not do a post or two on some aspect of being a Catholic father? There are a bazillion Catholic mother blogs out there. Catholic dads could use some fellowship, too, especially from somebody who really considers what he's doing.

Anonymous said...

Can you and Rosie please switch to WordPress so I have an easier time following your blog posts? Great. Thanks. Happy Lent!

Unknown said...

Just use Google Reader - that's how I keep track of your posts.