25 February 2013

I'm a failure...

...because I missed two days of my Lenten blogging project.  (Who knew that moving was such a taxing activity?  Oh wait.  Really, I blame the prior owners of this house -- if they hadn't decided to cut the cable line and not wire the house when they redid the inside, we wouldn't have had to wait until today to get the internet up and running.)

I'm also a failure because I missed Mass on Saturday and today.  And I'm a failure because I'm eating a snack right now.  But this is the beauty of Lenten penances/mortifications -- while we may feel guilty when we fall off the horse, it is a good opportunity to examine the reasons we undertook them to begin with and resolve to start fresh.  We also take solace in the fact that our guilt should only be fleeting.

So, take two.  Here we go!

P.S.  In case you have forgotten, you should be praying for the pope extra hard for the next three days.

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