15 June 2011

Miracle of Miracles

As it's been almost two years exactly since my last post on this blog, I figure that it's high time to resurrect it. My reasoning for doing so is that I've been able to dedicate roughly half an hour each week to a new endeavour called Fantasy Bishball (more on that in a moment) -- if I can do that, surely I can update this thing a few times a week, right?

Anyway, a bit about Bishball -- ten of us who are part of the Catholic blogosphere (in varying capacities) got together and started playing a new game. We each drafted a "team" of three bishops (limited to bishops of American dioceses and American-born bishops serving elsewhere in the Church). We get points each week based on what they do in public -- for example, a column in a newspaper gets one point, an interview or public appearance (including special Masses) gets three points, and a condemnation of a dissident group gets five points. The point values are completely arbitrary, but I think they work well. My team is named the Pertinacious Papists, which I think is a pretty awesome name :-).

I was a little skeptical at first, but I've really gotten into it. It's a nice excuse to keep tabs on the happenings in bishops' lives each week, and I have definitely learned a lot about Cardinal George and Archbishop Vigneron, both of whom I liked a great deal before this started. My third bishop is Archbishop DiNoia, an American-born prelate who serves in the Roman Curia. While I know he's awesome, I haven't gotten any points out of him so far -- apparently, he doesn't do many newsworthy things in Rome. I guess he could turn it around, but as of right now, I'll probably be replacing him on our mid-season substitution day.

Anyway, that's just a brief snippet on what has coaxed me back in to the blogging world. Now, let's see if I can revive the heyday of this blog, when I may have managed three posts in a week :-P.


CatholicSoldier said...

Maybe Archbishop DiNoia doesn't know he's on your bishball team. If he did I am sure he would slap down the National Catholic Reporter every other day.

Vigneron got you five points recently.

Unknown said...

Indeed he did -- I'm hoping he gets me a few more five-point hauls when he smacks down Fr. Wurm (the priest who celebrated the fake Mass at the end of the American Heretic Council's gathering).

CatholicSoldier said...

At the same time, I am horrified I wasn't invited to a Bishball League. Sounds like something to create. Does Yahoo or EWTN have leagues?

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